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Trackman is your new personal laboratory assistant.  Designed specifically to keep you on track as you pipette from one microplate to another. TRACKMAN  simplifies your work, improves your productivity and helps avoid pipetting errors and cross-contamination.


  GmCLab - Quick & Safe Spin with your personal mini-centrifuge. It can accommodates 8 micro-tubes of 1.5 or 2.0ml, or 2 strips of 8-PCR (0.2ml) tubes or 16 single PCR tubes.
GVLab - A "touch-on" fixed speed vortex mixer that allows you to quickly mix solutions or media contained in various formats of tubes or vials.   Safe Aspiration Station - A stand-alone vacuum system that incorporates all the essential characteristics to aspirate quickly and safely all kinds of liquids in a laboratory and collect them in a 4-litre polypropylene bottle.

Laboratory Peristaltic Pump


Minipuls3 - Quickly interchangeable, chemical resistance up to 8 channels pump heads with 10 stainless steel rollers.   Minipuls Evolution - This is the newest innovation with stackable pump heads for up to 16 channels offering unmatched flexibility and performance for liquid transfer application.


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