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Pipetman Concept®


Pipetman Concept® is a revolutionary motorized electronic pipette. Conceived with simplicity and flexibility in mind, Pipetman Concept® features exclusive multifunction characteristics and a direct pipette-to-PC connection … the only one of its kind in the industry. When used with Diamond® Tips from Gilson, this pipette will maximize performance and assure superior productivity.


Pipetman Concept® Multi-channel

Pipetman Concept® Multi-channel models are designed with simplicity, flexibility and comfort in mind. The exclusive Gilson Forceless Integrated Tip ejection System (G-FIT System™) ensures instant reliable seals and low ejection forces. Its high productivity allows you to fill a 96-well plate in less than 15 seconds.



"The maximum permissible errors always apply to the total system of piston pipette and tip. When using pipette tips not delivered by the pipette supplier, the supplier's declaration or certificate of conformity does not apply" (ISO 8655-2)

Diamond® Tips


The only way to ensure accuracy and reproducibility across the full volume range of your Pipetman® is to use Diamond precision tips.



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