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1. Consider the physical properties of your sample.

Today, there is a pipette for virtually every requirement … aqueous solutions, dense, viscous, or radioactive compounds, DNA sequencing, distributing aliquots, filling microtiter plates, etc.

The type of analysis you are performing, the physical properties of the liquid, and the volume range of the pipette will determine which pipette and tip you should use.


Aqueous Samples

Viscous Samples

Radioactive &

Corrosive Samples


Biological Samples

2. Consider the volume of liquid you want to transfer.


3. Choose the right tips. Choose Diamond® Tips!


Additional Quality guarantee of Gilson Diamond® Tips ensures users of the integrity of their samples.


Use Diamond® Tips for specific applications such as:

   - Enzymatic Dosages

   - Protein Functions

   - ELISA Tests (HIV -- food quality -- allergies -- environment, etc)

   - Immune Tests

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