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Pipetman® L

PIPETMAN® L is the latest innovation of Gilson based on ergonomics, comfort, and
traceability reseach. This new mechanical pipette combines the PIPETMAN Classic™
 legendary robustness, a newly designed body, and state-of-the-art mechanism. [more]


Pipetman® M

The new PIPETMAN® M  from Gilson looks, performs, feels and is as simple to use as the
renowned original PIPETMAN, with advanced ergonomic features and enhanced user
-friendly functionality. PIPETMAN M is redefining pipetting with your technique in mind! 

Pipetman® G


PIPETMAN G is a new mechanical, air-displacement pipette from Gilson that offers you
the LOWEST pipetting force on the market with less than 3 Newtons. Thanks to the
 redesigned seal and springs.[more]


Pipetman® Neo


Pipetman® Neo is an evolution of the original Pipetman that addresses the growing
 susceptibility of pipette users to repetitive strain injuries, offering up to 50% reduction of
 pipetting forces.




Pipetman® the legendary performance for more than 30 years. Pipetman® is the world
 standard for accuracy and reproducibility


Pipetman® Ultra

The evolution of Pipetman®. Renowned Pipetman accuracy and precision, with electronic
 display, lower plunger and tip ejection forces.



Fixed Pipetman®

Pipetman® F is a fixed-volume, air-displacement pipette. Thirteen robust models cover a
 large volume range—from 2 µL to 1000 µL—with Gilson’s legendary accuracy and





"The maximum permissible errors always apply to the total system of piston pipette and tip. When using
 pipette tips not delivered by the pipette supplier, the supplier's declaration or certificate of conformity
 does not apply" (ISO 8655-2)

Diamond® Tips


The only way to ensure accuracy and reproducibility across the full volume range of your Pipetman® is to use Diamond precision tips.




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